Greenland wax for waxed cotton canvas


In an environmentally friendly way, I have developed this 2oz bar for you, made from a blend of organic beeswax and paraffin wax, also called Greenland Style Wax. A complement offering an additional layer of weather protection to your bags.

This wax bar can be used to help improve durability, water resistant protection and extend the life of a range f items like bags, hats, jackets or camping gear. Best used on natural fabrics, but it can also be used on blended fabrics that are rich in natural fibres. 

I suggest that you use it on top up the wax coating on many items that have been previously waxed and revive their water-repellent nature. When applied to previously untreated canvas or denim fabric it will give a darker appearance and a stiffer feel that will develop a patina over time and give them a water-resistant finish.

Suitable for all items made from waxed canvas.

Instructions for use

  • Clean stains and dust and dry your item before applying wax
  • Rub the wax bar on the fabric evenly and generously
  • Pay particular attention to the seams
  • Use a hair dryer to melt the wax into the fabric
  • Leave to dry for a few hours
  • Repeat as needed

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